Man or Monster

I believed wealth makes one fulfilled.

So I worked the hardest, became the smartest, told the best lies.

With every bad I did, I was rewarded.

Now I have great position, dinning with people of position.

I have money.

I have women.

I have cars.

I have power.

I have it all.

Yet, satisfaction eludes me.

Yet, I remain unfulfilled.

Cursed by greed, I always crave more.

An unquenchable thirst that denies me peace.

My cravings stains me with blood.

My deeds sprouted in me a false tongue, never truthful, never just.

They look at me and see a man of success, with the brightest of futures.

I look in the mirror and I can’t find myself, only a shadow of what I once was.

A shade that once, was just and right and true, slowly fading away.

I know not what I’ve become, Man or Monster.

Life has happened to me, giving me all its beauty, and stealing my humanity.

Today I lie in my sick bed, and ponder in my thoughts, as I await the knock of death at my door.

Am I fulfilled.


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