Love is weakness.

Love is truly a strange feeling, binding one to another in ways unimaginable. Some cannot comprehend it until they are entangled in its web.

I used to think such emotion makes one vulnerable, weak. Truth is, you end up feeling the sense of vulnerability, not for you but for the one you love. A weakness forged from the undying desire to sacrifice all, for another. You become a protector, a guardian, a shield.

Many desire such form of love, but most are unwilling to offer such. A great imbalance on the scale of genuine affection.

To love is to understand, to find and form peace, be unbiased, be accommodating, and above all, selfless. Some don’t believe such form of love exists, one with such level of selflessness.

The Christians will always say, imitate Christ, for all his life amongst men, he taught and lived for love.

Its uncommon to find such feeling in an age such as this. Where minds are clouded by greed, thoughts shrouded with selfishness. True love creepingly unbecoming.

Truth is, I am terrified of this emotion, scared of the hurt and disappointment accompanied by it.  So I built a wall around me, a great wall, so no one enters.

But deep down, I hope someone comes knocking, tearing them down, and making way to my presumed love proof heart.

In an age where men are slowly ridding themselves of compassion, empathy and genuine affection, but reeking of betrayal, distrust and hate. A tiny speck of love from you and me, can go a long way in healing the world.


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