Who knows? only Time

Mortality has made us ever watchful of time. Making plans, trying to stick to them, and having backup plans just in case plan A isn’t successful. We are uncertain of the next minute or the next day, only hopeful. If only time was our friend, life would be a lot easier.

Life has always been a race against time, a time for everything and everyone. We sometimes wish we could bargain with time, that we could pay a certain price for more or less of it.
Question is, what can one offer time?

From creations first breath it was there, it saw how it all began and knows how it will all end. A reminder that all that has a beginning, has an end. Its seen the rise and fall of empires, the birth and extinction of species, felt and tasted both the good and the bad, a slave to no man.
If only it could speak, the stories it would tell would be fascinating and unending. And if it could write, it would be the greatest of writers that would ever walk the earth.

The future has always been a mystery no one knows, not even a minute into it. Sometimes we think we do, but every time we are proven wrong. All we have are perceptions, blurred images, unclear and uncertain, which are bound to change with every action taken.

Live your life to the full, learn from your mistakes and avoid regrets. The good thing about living is that you still have time to try righting wrongs, its never too late for the living.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.

Use the time you have to your advantage, it’s neither your friend nor your foe.


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