Regrets, wishes, truth XVIII

Some obstacles are there to rid you of hope, some others you draw strength from.

Sometimes when something doesn’t kill you, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has made you stronger.


I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Forces trying to stall my dreams and test my patience.

Sometimes nothing seems to work out as planned.


I am enraged, so much so that I want to scream out loud and let out steam.

But then I remember I must always keep my cool, so things don’t fall apart.


When those you strongly desire their opinion about you, don’t give a damn, what then do you do.

The desire for acceptance, the craving for belonging, tends to make one unsure of oneself.


Sometimes it feels like he is asleep like he isn’t listening.

Other times it seems like he knows what you need and does it even before you ask.

Then why the delay, why the silence, sometimes I ponder.

I guess I’ll never know, who am I to comprehend?


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