Regrets, Wishes, truth XVII

I look in the mirror and I see the truth about me. Nothing like what others say or see. My true nature with all its broken pieces stands starring back at me.

He was here yesterday, we chatted, we made plans for today. Now they say he is gone, touched by the cold hands of death. Talk about the sharp knife of life.

I crave pleasures untold, my inner desires are endless and insatiable. But I understand I must control them, if I am to insure our viability. Talk about duty, the priority of good leaders.

So much is expected of me, so many are looking up to me. I hope i don’t disappointed them, I hope they don’t forget I’m only human.

We pretend to be good, always talking of creating a better world. But deep down we all are monsters, craving chaos, feeding off each other. As though, only in chaos do we find purpose.


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