Regrets, Wishes, Truth II

Lost in the maze of my thoughts, soon I fell into a dream as I slumbered, felt so real, I wish to remain here, I thought to myself. Now I’m awake to this nightmare, feels like a dream I wish to wake from.

Trapped in time, I wish to undo a fault. But time is an illusion, I cannot control.

They say death awaits all, both great and small. That it has made all equal.

Someone wishes for death, but is embraced with life. Another wishes for life, but is met with an untimely demise. Talk about destiny, it truly is a funny thing.

Life is always balanced they say, no one can have it all. But greed, a driving force of insatiable desires, has caused a rift, tilting the scale of life.

I was taught to forgive all wrongs, that i must indulge in all of life’s virtues. But they forget I’m only human.

Happiness has eluded me for so long, but now its here, I have refused to embrace it. I’m afraid its stay won’t be for long. But isn’t that the rhythm of life, that everything comes and goes, that nothing actually lasts forever.

I had a dream of brighter and better days, but my present has created doubts within me, making me see them as just dreams. Where is hope, I was told to hold unto her, but I can’t seem to find her.

He always complained of having no shoes, until he saw a man with no feet. I guess we should indulge ourselves more in acts of gratitude, you would be amazed to find that many wish for what you have.

Life is a lesson, living is learning. This means one should be prepared to entertain both the good and the bad.


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