Regrets, Wishes, Truth III

I moved with the tide, and ended on the side. A prize I paid for trying to be a part of something I’ve always known would never be a part of me.

When you take , you give he said. That’s the order of life. No one can have it all.

Wealth, power, influence, a price for everything. How much is too much, how far am I willing to go.

Everyone desires success, but the question is, how strong is ones will. For there are stories of a path of peril and sweat, leading to a place of fulfillment, a place not for the unwilling.

I tried and failed. Then I tried again, and failed. I told myself the third time would be better, I guess it wasn’t. But yet I persist, what more could I loose.

Happiness, true happiness, unspoiled by the horrors and sharp knife of life, is an illusion. Can only come from peace and truth.

What you know is dangerous to your enemy, but what you think you know is dangerous to you.


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