Man, rise to be something more.

Men are base, they’ve shamed Gaia.

She wants them gone, unfit have they become, to be nurtured by her.

Men, destroying all they touch and trying to rebuild, as though it would be any different the next time.

Authors of their own demise. Devoid of lasting peace, affiliated to violence.

Everything they do brings their world further to it’s end.

Too selfish and greedy, greed beyond measure.

They never learn, even with all of life’s lessons circling them.

Primitive beings, so petty, always fighting and killing themselves over things of no relevance.

Things that will remain even after their death. How foolish.

Look at those little ones, look how innocent they look.

Wait till they get older, that’s when their true self reveals itself.

Vanity, lust, greed, consuming the greater part of them.

The same rhythm, same story, repeating itself, yet they remain oblivious.

Their good ones are growing fewer, while the ill hearted endures. Infecting the innocent with their vices.

I wonder what their future holds. Indeed, an imperfect species.

They say they have hope, well, that’s what they all say, till she’s gone.

Those who had her never realised her flame was fueled by unity.

Man, will you ever learn to rise from what you are, to be something more.


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