What news from the East did you bring Oh rider,

Through uneven plains and desolate grounds, beyond the woods of shadows where the night never sleeps.

Is it one of hope and fortune, does it speak of a mythical dream?

The tales of a land bathed in milk and honey, of beings clothed in silk and radiance of glory, echoes the ear is keen to hear.

A place deep in the east, shielded from the gaze of men, behind a mighty gate of gold and magical runes.

The whispers of an endless merry and ceaseless heart warming songs within its confines. A place where the sun never slumbers and the creatures under the moon never sting.

Where the seed of greed never sprung and evil never wrought.

Where trees and green are vast as the sea, of plenty and bounty so one is never hungry.

Stones and fine gems all over like litter, a place where creation began.

Oh rider from the East, what news did you bring with the East wind?

Has myth become truth and doubt given way to hope?

Has Eden been found?


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