Divided we fall

You and I have been turned on each other, in sweat and blood we struggle for what is rightfully ours, denied our daily bread and ridiculed as we call on God to save us.

We are slaves to those who in ignorance and folly, we made Kings. We feed only when their bellies are full, clawing and killing for the scraps that fall from their table.

Their promises to us they leave unfulfilled, yet they come to us bearing new ones, hoping that in our folly and naivety we’ll continue to believe their streams of lies.

From a distance they watch in amusement as we pawns tear each other apart. The law protects them, shielding them from all harm, while we are told to call on God to keep us safe.

They realise in our dividedness, we can never rise up against them, and so they prey on this singular weakness.

How can we learn, when our minds have been corrupted by their schemes. How can we see through their lies, when our vision is blurred by disunity. Is there an end to our folly.


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