Regrets, Wishes, Truth V

When you hang around stars long enough, soon you will learn to shine with them.

Some people are like the sun, they shine wherever they go. Others are like the moon, they need the sun so they can shine. Both sun and moon are important in the circle of life.

Dwell much on the past and you loose sight of the future.

Lies begets more lies, you can’t always remember all, its tiring.

Pretense is exhausting, just be yourself.

Misfortune is everywhere, it can befall anyone.

Grace and Luck are two hands of the same person, without effort and hard work, you cannot move them.

Your life is a story someone is reading.

No one is truly brave, we just drown our fears in hope.

Don’t deny the truth, there is honour in accepting ones fault, it loosens the strings on you.

There will always be elements that would want to deny you happiness, but always remember that happiness is a choice.

Not all roads to success have a happy beginning, and not all sad beginnings have a sad ending. Just begin, worry less about the ending, grace differs.

Its a silly thing to take pride in your suffering. Rather acknowledge them as the road you took to your success, make them someone else’s inspiration.

If fate isn’t fair, defy if, fight it till the end.


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