The problems the Coronavirus pandemic has brought is becoming too much to bear. For some regions of the world like Nigeria it is no longer about staying safe and staying indoors, its now about having food and staying alive. This is gradually deviating from a virus pandemic to a hunger pandemic as the people being asked to remain indoors and stay safe have no means of livelihood which has resulted in an increased number of theft cases in the country.

Staying indoors means no jobs, no jobs means no cash, and when you don’t have money, how do you buy food.
We have been informed of the sudden and unfortunate loss of the funds donated by humanitarians in the country, this leaves most wondering how billions could get torched in a place presumed to be highly secured and what backup plan does the government have for the people, since they could be so careless as they have been in the past by letting relief funds meant to help manage the situation of the pandemic get torched.

By Emmalase

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