Media side effects.

The effects of media platforms on our daily life endeavors cannot be overemphasized. It has played an important role in the dissemination of information, enlightenment, and empowerment. But it has also affected the psychology and reasoning of some people and society as we know it.

There are several side effects of the Media which has immensely influenced negative behaviors and actions in our world today, and below are some of them.

Propaganda: In numerous cases, media platforms used in the dissemination of vital information like News and reports of recent happenings around the world, sometimes end up being tools for propaganda. Thereby creating anarchy and disintegration in societies and nations, due to false and unresearched information being propagated.

Media double standard: It is an undeniable fact that some media outlets are fond of being one-sided in their information dissemination. This occurs mostly in situations when the aim is to win the support and interest of the reader, by only speaking of the good side of the position of interest, and displaying all the faults of the opposition.

Popularity: The negative effects associated with social media are mostly seen in teens and young adults. Most teens and young adults who are exposed to social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, etc. gradually develop a craving for popularity and acceptance. This acceptance is channeled towards gaining recognition by having more followers, more likes, and more approval through these media platforms.

The side effects of this lifestyle could be very harmful.  This is because the over-dependence on the audience and follower’s approval, indirectly makes them the life support of the followed. The moment the number of followers starts to decline, or the followers faces criticism or castigation, there is a significantly spontaneous decline in the morale and confidence of the followed, which sometimes eventually leads to an emotional breakdown, and in some cases suicide.

Personality change: The drastic change in personality as a result of social media influence is alarming. Some people have engaged in multiple surgeries to attain beauty perfection, some portray themselves to be who they are not just to feel significant and recognized in the eyes of the audience. Others adopt an alien lifestyle that goes a long way in causing a huge strain on their personality.

The strain on parenting: The psychological effects of all these media influences on young adults, ends up affecting the parents of these children. This is not just about the problem of Uncensored media content and the irresponsibility some of these young adults tends to display, but because these kids sometimes tend to feel entitled. Especially in situations of availability of the resources they need to display their flamboyant lifestyle on the media. Sometimes their parents go the extra mile of displeasing themselves only to satisfy their most times ungrateful children. 

Distrust for the Media: The dissemination of false information on media platforms has created distrust for some media channels and information hovering in the WEB. Most readers now tend to keep an open mind regarding information they assimilate coming from media platforms, as sometimes these information might be false.

We must understand that the media and all its platforms have come to stay. We can only try to be less dependent on these platforms, as we have seen their effects both positively and negatively. It is also important that we realize that it is our choice to decide how much the media influences our personal lives.

Emmanuel Ikenna Orindu.

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