Calm nerves.

Be afraid,

Be scared,

Run, hide and cower,

There is nothing wrong in that.

No one was born brave,

We all were born with fear and so we cried.

But you can only run for so long, and hide for so long,

Until you wear out, until you’re caught.


No one asked to be born, but we all are here.

No one asked for the troubles and pain, but they are all here.

No one who has seen death remains the same, or known pain, acts the same.

So I won’t tell you to be brave,

I won’t tell you to be strong.

But I will tell you one thing,

Find a reason to forge ahead,

Find a drive that would shroud your fears and doubt,

Calm your nerves and fire up your brain.

Flaring emotions would only burn you up.

Everything is formed with an imperfection,

Only with a calm nerve and a fired up brain would you find that weakness in the monsters you face.


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