A call for CHANGE

The present Nigerian government has proven to the entire world how incompetent and irresponsible a government could be. A government that empowers and negotiates with terrorists, has not only shown weakness, but also proven to the entire citizens that she can no longer ensure the safety of their lives and properties.

Nigeria today is known globally for all forms and shades of vices, unlike the past when we were recognised as the giant of Africa. From killing of young peaceful protesters,  to incessant kidnappings which has drastically increased in the past few months. Its quite incomprehensible, as to how these bandits were able to infiltrate schools and abduct the massive number of students, without the alarming of any security body within the area.

The Nigerian government is in dire need of reformation. A cry by the people which she has refused to answer,  rather they are met with brutality and force. The issue of corruption has been over emphasized, but it is quite appalling that rather than find avenues to truly minimize this plight,  we have rather fueled its flames.

Like the ex president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan once said in a conference, if we truly want Nigeria to move forward, everyone should come together with their opinions and new laws that will overwrite the old laws. A unified agreement that will change our constitution, will surely propel this nation forward. But the truth is that those in power, are very much comfortable with the current situation of the country, as they are immensely benefiting from it.

The Nigerian government have pushed her people to the edge of sanity, and there is a limit to which one can endure pain, hunger and injustice while still smiling. The picture the world has of Nigeria is that of a failed state, full of fraudulent people, a government run by greedy and selfish leaders. This has further increased the discrimination most Nigerians face in foreign countries.

This is our country, this is our home, and we should try in every way to make her better, not destroy her and flee to foreign lands. For those who have no dual citizenship, or have no prominent government or political position, or no deep pockets to secure a visa to foreign countries, if we destroy our home country,  where will they go, the children unborn, what future will they be ushered into.

I strongly implore us all Nigerians, its never too late for change and reformation. If the old laws are no longer working for us, then its time for a new constitution. We cannot keep emphasizing on change, and yet stick to the old laws and old ways that are strong inhibitors to the change we desire.

Change in our current situation is a necessity, a truth we cannot deny. If we continue to overlook this truth and focus more on our selfish goals, we might wake someday having lost everything.


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