Missing part

Yet again I found myself in the same place, the same scene, with the same people but in different forms and personalities. It’s always busy here, every one is going somewhere.

As always, I’m on board a bus, I’m traveling, going somewhere like the rest of them, I’m always going somewhere. A place I don’t know how to get to, and I always awake the moment the bus leaves.

The same dream every night, neither bad nor good, neither disturbing nor peaceful, same dream for over a week now.

I guess I know the reason for the reoccurring dreams. She took something from me, something I’ve sheltered carefully, protected behind steel walls, something that once was mine, now its hers. She tore down my walls effortlessly, walked into my life blissfully, and took my heart.

You never know what you’re missing, until it arrives. I guess my consciousness is actively searching for her, trying to get to her, even in my dreams. She is my home, she is my peace, she is what I’ve long waited for, my missing part.

They say rules must be obeyed, forces I cannot control. Time is an illusion, someday I know I will get to her. Till then, I’ll keep trying.


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