Stray smile… a short story.

In the mist of coincedence he beheld her face from a distance. Standing opposite her as the metro journeyed further, he gazed at her.

In wonder he was dazzled at the perfection in the craftsmanship of such a beauty. Blue eyes with a touch of green, and inbetween a nose slim and carved perfectly clean. Lips clothed in rose-like red, and hair smooth with silk-like braids.

She must be a descendant of a Goddess, he thought.

Realising the strange presence watching her, sensing his ceaseless glimpse and glance time and again, as though his words could only be spoken in thoughts and stare, she smiled at him and said “Happy new year”.

Like water flowing through narrow paths of a creek, her words coursed through his veins and he felt the sun rays create warmth from within, warding off the cold chills of the seasons tide. Her stray smile stunned him, and it’s bullet immediately punctured his heart, drowning it in endless hurried beats.

Soon the metro stops and the doors open, and like a queen rising from a throne, she rose from her seat with radiance and glamour, leaving the train as she walked passed him with a smile on her face.

Smiling back, he said in words faint and unheard, “Happy new year beautiful” as he watched her fade into the wandering crowd.


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