A glass to life

Death has made life precious.

That grip that clinches the heart with cold shivers running down the spine, woes of this bad omen we refuse to incline.

A presence we reject, echoes of its essence we tend to abstain from,  even though interwoven with our lives.

As in life, we gather to merry, so in death, we gather to mourn.

A face so familiar, but yet so easily forgotten.

To some, the epitome of our mortality, to others, an index of life’s meaning.

That reminder of how fleeting moments can be, sowing meaningful seeds to all we do.

Causing we mortals to treasure time down to its very last second.

Death, ever-present. Just as life, never so far away.

And so I tell you, find peace in all you do, and raise a glass to life whenever you have the chance.

Accept the things you can’t change and find the courage to change the things you can.



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