A letter from Gaia

My dear little ones, I have watched you grow from a little sapling to what you are now. The most troubling time of motherhood is when a child grows to that stage when they feel they no longer need their mother to fend for them. They leave you and find their own path in life.
A mothers love for her child is undying, when  I gave birth to you, you were so tender and fragile, it took you time to learn to do most things others could do in a short time. You were so beautiful with no fangs or claws, just hair and skin, very unique. I did my best in raising you as well as I could, as my favourite I gave you everything that made me beautiful, from food of all sorts to gifts of all kind, because I wanted you to be happy and comfortable.

But now i realise  that all that glitters isn’t  gold, even roses have thorns. You have changed so much that you now bite the hand that feeds you. Most of the things that once added to my beauty are now gone because of you.
You were supposed to take care of me, rather with every passing day I die slowly by your hands.
Tell me,
Where did i go wrong by you?
Why do you hurt me?
If I am gone where would you go?
No one out there would love you and take care of you as I have.

So I ask you to please take care of me, at least so your children and theirs can also be benefactors of my beauty.
I can only hope you heed your mothers call while there is still time.

Always and forever,
Mother Earth.

By Emmalase.

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