Modern Man

The world has changed so much that there are now so many uncertainties, encompassing very many scary things. Yesterday was Cancer and AIDS, today is Covid, and the thought of tomorrow’s nightmare worries me.

We are terrified of diseases that for a lifetime could endure, and weapons of mass destruction like never before. Natural deaths are fewer, with untimely demise on the rise.

In times past, people worked hard for their daily bread. The elderly admonished the young on the just ways of life, the avoidance of wrongdoings, and the necessity for an honest means of livelihood. Today, no one cares, so long as the money is made and wealth attained, nothing else matters.

Gone are the days when ladies carried themselves with pride and dignity. When a man is eager to be wed, so he is privileged to enjoy the pleasures of matrimony. Today, sex is like water served to anyone to quench their thirst, spawning more abortions and unwanted pregnancies. Virginity is now perceived as obscurity. Being bad and immoral is seen as cool and trending.

Marriages are now never lasting, slowly becoming devoid of undying love, duty, respect, and understanding. More break-ups and separations, more divorces and dissolutions.

In ignorance, we all were oblivious to the minerals hidden beneath the earth. We lived more peacefully then, with fewer worries. But now civilization has brought enlightenment and with it untold theft, untold diseases, endless worries, untold greed, and lust for power, all bleeding the earth.

The truth has been coated and diluted to conform to the desires of the modern Man. No longer do we speak of virtue, only pleasures, and satisfaction. We invent laws and teachings that make us feel good about all our many wrongs, but yet like a black hole we remain insatiable.

It is quite understandable that the modern Man seems to fare better than his predecessors, but we have sunk so deep in this well of modern-day civilization, that most have lost their paths, ignoring all forms of morality in the pursuit of pleasures and power.

Emmanuel Ikenna Orindu.

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