Nightmare 4

Woman: You are welcome, please have a sit.

Sam: Thank you.

Woman: So tell me, what can I do for you

Sam: I saw your ad on the door saying umm… Do you have an idea… about umm… how to interpret dreams and things like that…

Woman: Yeah… something like that, among other things.

Sam: Ok… I think something is going on around me… and I have been having the same bad dreams… and umm… its been going on for weeks now, getting worse by the day. And… I think I’m seeing things.

Woman: Ok… let’s start with your dreams. Can you explain what these dreams look like, try narrating one of them.

Sam: Ok… In my dream, I always find myself in a house, and in this house, it’s all dark with no light. The only trace of light is the rays from the full moon outside. It’s a big castle with so many doors leading to many rooms. Then I find myself facing one of the doors, but this is a red door, it opens and I enter, all foggy and there were people all in red robes, they were doing some kind of a ritual. After that, I leave the castle and I find myself in the woods. It’s all foggy and cloudy, late in the heart of the night. The sounds of the owls and night creatures quacking, squeaking and chirping are loud and clear, as the howl of wolves, and hiss of snakes. I am completely terrified, wondering why I’m here, wondering what next to do. Then suddenly a loud deep bellow from a distance, like nothing I have ever heard, with the bellow came the footsteps, and it came closer and closer to me. I looked toward the direction from where the footsteps were approaching, and through the fog, I saw something. It was neither human nor animal. It was easily over 8 feet tall, its body seemed grey… legs bent like that of a goat, long slender hands… having long nails. Its head was shaped like that of a man but had horns all around it… horns that looked like a crown. From the distance, its eyes glowed red… I could feel my heart pounding so hard, as though it wanted to burst out of my chest. As it came closer, the twigs and branches gave way and the snakes followed curling and hissing. Then I start to run, but as always… my legs felt heavier like they were logs of wood. The more I tried running faster, the heavier my legs became. I screamed for help… but terror stole the words from my mouth. Before I know it, the snakes starts to surround me, crawling all over me, binding me so I couldn’t move… so the creature could have me. Then I forcefully try to wake up… and when I do wake up, I am covered in sweat, goosebumps all over me, and my heart pounding very fast. It’s always this or a dream similar to this every night. But a week ago, in a similar dream, the creature touched me before I woke… its hands felt like it was covered in scales. I felt a deep chill from its touch, even in my dreams. It felt out of this world… so… so evil… and all that is bad.

Woman: Hmmm… anything else since them… Have you seen or felt anything unusual?

Sam: Yeah… I think I have been seeing things…

Woman: Can you describe what you see?

Sam: It’s the creature in my dreams… I keep seeing it.

Woman: Really?

Sam: Yes… I’m sure.

Woman: Ok, we are going to do something now, a kind of meditation to better understand the motive or reason for all these dreams, Ok?

Sam: Ok.

(The woman starts to dress the small round table with a red cloth, lighting candle sticks and placing them on the table. She then places a bell in the center of the table, next she goes and dims the light of the room. Sam watches, trying to understand the reason for what she is doing).

Sam: What’re all these for?

Woman: What I am doing is setting up an atmosphere that would help us better understand what we are dealing with… its nothing you need to be scared of, ok?

Sam: Ok, so… what should I do?

Woman: Ok, you just sit at that corner, and place your hands on the table.

Sam: Like this? (Placing both hands on the table).

Woman: Yes. Ok, now I want you to close your eyes and focus on your dreams, and the image of this creature in your head. Then repeat these words after me “Come to me O spirit and reveal yourself”.

Sam: Ok…

(They both sit around the table, facing each other, with both their eyes closed and hands on the table. Voicing the same words repeatedly “Come to me O spirit and reveal yourself”).

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