Dearest Motherland.

I have always loved you, so much that I basked in your warmth,

Now your sun no longer warms but stings me, making me hate what you’ve become.

I understand that it is no fault of yours, innocent as you are,

With intentions pure and unspoiled you harbored and embraced all.

Now you’ve been raped time and again,

Reaped off and bled again and again.

Now you reek of corruption,

And everyone calls you an infection.

Yet you remain calm, weeping in silence and solitude,

Watching as they continue to violate you endlessly and mercilessly.

So beautiful you once were,

So charming and alluring you once were.

Glories past and forgotten,

Lost to a time when you blossomed.

How did you devolve into this?

Why would you let them devour you like this?

Turning you sour,

And draining you with every passing hour.

So long has it been since I bathed in your heart-warming ray,

Will I ever see you glow again my dearest Motherland?


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