There are no coincidences

When you gaze upon life through the eyes of time, you would come to understand that to some degree, all is a repetition of what has been, only amplified. We all have walked the earth in different bodies, different races, different times in the past, and we will continue to do so till creations last breath. Déjà vu, we feel it, we see it, we just don’t understand it.

Reincarnation, believe it or not, is a true phenomenon. The circle of life entails birth, growth, reproduction, then death. Reincarnation I believe is life’s way of trying to rewrite history, or maybe a means of retaining a soul whose task was unfulfilled. Either way, the dead is brought back in another body, often bearing conspicuous features of the one who had died.

Everyone has s designated time in which they are meant to exist, and certain tasks to perform during their existence. Its the choices that defines us. Life directs our choices, time sets the stage. There are no coincidences, only choice. Every choice we make creates a cascade of chain reactions that ripples through time, causing change. Man is only a part of life’s circle, not the center of it. Time is the center of life, he knows all, and has seen all, he is the unit of life’s measurement.

See reason and be open minded towards the affairs of life. There is so much we cannot comprehend. Unfortunately, the choices we make, irrespective of the time and age, often end up being the same. Like the saying goes, history is like a man, who is fond of taking the same path.


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