I need no reason

Tonight, I watched over her as she slept. I watched as she slumbered in the quiet of the ember night. She was far, yet so close. Like a babe, she looked peaceful and pretty.

The zeal to help any she felt was in need, was always in her. Just do the little you can to help, the little you do matters a lot, she would say.

Do you have a dream, I once asked her. Of course she answered, I want you to be happy, that’s my dream.

Why do you love me so, I asked. She replied, I don’t know why, I just do. God loves us without reason, I need no reason to love you, I just do, she said.

Is it possible for one to love another without reason, someone you share no ties with, especially in these present times and age, I thought to myself. A love so true, one that need no reciprocation, full of sincerity and sacrifice. Feels unreal and untrue, too good for this world.

I have had my doubts cleared, I have come to realize that a love centered on reason is bound to someday fade away. God must love me dearly, for sending you to me.

Love is a funny feeling, binding one to another in ways unimaginable. Most times we love for a certain reason, might be looks, wealth or status. But the truest form of love is that without reason, its a rare gem, sometimes comes to those undeserving of it. One never realizes the value, till its lost.

I am glad to have met her, I am privileged to have experienced such affection.


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