History is us all. Sometimes she is quiet, other times very vocal. She… continue History

Modern Man

The world has changed so much that there are now so many uncertainties, and encompassing very many scary things. Yesterday… continue Modern Man

Lost smile… a short story

He doesn’t seem to find that smile anymore, seems to have forgotten the feeling of peace it brings. The thought… continue Lost smile… a short story

Stray smile… a short story.

In the mist of coincedence he beheld her face from a distance. Standing opposite her as the metro journeyed further,… continue Stray smile… a short story.

Happy New year.

Staring at the moonlight of the new years eve, I reminiscenced. Looking back at the paths crossed, both smooth and… continue Happy New year.

Sleepless night

I stumbled upon a familiar path, leading someplace I know too well. The engravings on its walls, in shady letters… continue Sleepless night

Silent Night

The glitter and sparkles of colourful lights glimmering in the winters cold. Shinning through the night in memory of a… continue Silent Night


You are the light to lead the way. The one to find the true path. On your shoulders rests the… continue Pathfinder.

Broken pieces

I stepped into the void, I listened but not a word. Then I called out into the silence, and something… continue Broken pieces

Regrets, wishes, truth XXII

Somethings one can only try to change. To be percieved as just anybody and not really somebody, tends to make… continue Regrets, wishes, truth XXII


One of life’s lessons one will need to learn is patience in everything. Never force your friendship on anyone. Don’t… continue Patience

Regrets, Wishes, Truth XXI

We pray for the grace to overcome temptations, but yet we end up creating them. To the truth we purposely… continue Regrets, Wishes, Truth XXI