Miss You

Tonight all was unseeminly quiet, As though the rooms essence realised your absence and also misses your presence. So organised… continue Miss You

Dearest Motherland.

I have always loved you, so much that I basked in your warmth, Now your sun no longer warms but… continue Dearest Motherland.

Outlander… a short story

“There is so much pain and suffering. Sometimes I wish I could wave my hand and make it all go… continue Outlander… a short story


War, It echoes symphonies never in harmony. Tearing through sound with clashes of igniting metals, forging flames and engulfing dreams…. continue War


So vaguely spoken, Truth cremated and remade in the image of a new age. Few boldy speak it and many… continue Truth

Second chance.

Laying on your bed staring at the ceiling, Wondering and pondering on thoughts vague and grave you’ve been concealing. Asking… continue Second chance.

Beautiful poison.

What do you see when you look at me,  perfection and beauty are all your imaginations of me. I’ve learnt… continue Beautiful poison.

A cry for a Hero.

Where now the justice and the truth, and the peace that was calling. Where is the spring and the fountain,… continue A cry for a Hero.

Take me with you… a short story.

One could see the joy and glow on her face when he comes to stay, and the tears and gloom… continue Take me with you… a short story.


So silent it has been, that my thoughts are all I hear. So quiet it has been that your words… continue Lamentation

Some challenges facing the African continent.

Africa is considered the oldest continent in the world, and presumably the origin of civilization. It encompasses 54 countries that… continue Some challenges facing the African continent.


              History is us all. Sometimes she is quiet, other times very vocal. She… continue History