Call of duty

Destiny calls to me, a beckoning I have refused to incline. She echoes from a distance, with forgotten rhymes of her familiar song.

But I’m with neither the courage to face her, nor the will to dance to her tune. What she offers, I do not desire. What she wants, I do not have. I hear her even now, beckoning for the courage I do not possess.

All I want is to slumber in my dreams and never wake. But I can only wallow in here for a while, cos my waking world is always staring in my face.

I am troubled by the thought of living a life preplanned and preordained, of walking a path predestined and predesigned, of becoming another part of a never ending cycle of duty and order over my desire.

I rather want to spread my wings and embrace my bizarre dreams which most will perceive as condescending and void of duty.


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