Regrets, wishes, truth.

Sometimes what I want to hear isn’t what I want to hear. I know the truth, I feel it, I… continue Regrets, wishes, truth.


Never be afraid of failure, rather be afraid of remaining a failure. Emmalase. Someday you’ll fall, just make sure you… continue Resilience

A world with everything, yet nothing.

Today, I walked the streets of a place occupied by renowned and privileged persons. People with enough to eat and… continue A world with everything, yet nothing.

Costly beauty

Beauty is power, a smile is its sword. John Ray. I’ve heard stories of great men who have fallen, struck down… continue Costly beauty

Mirror on the wall

I’m trying to be better, I’m trying to be good, I’ve learnt the hard way, now I want to live… continue Mirror on the wall

Some features of honey you didn’t know.

Its been there since ancient times, never has men loved the puke of any animal or insect like they do… continue Some features of honey you didn’t know.

The ghost preacher.

The city has known some degree of peace and quiet since his coming. Many have fled, some with high power… continue The ghost preacher.

Oil, worth less than water

The price of oil has plumetted beyond imagination, oil tanks and reserves around the world are almost full, this is… continue Oil, worth less than water

Soft drinks, pleasure and poison.

I have always had this affinity for soft drinks, a day did not go by without my having at least… continue Soft drinks, pleasure and poison.

Deal with your depression

In the fog of her thoughts she was lost, the images of last nights events ever present in her memories…. continue Deal with your depression

The silent killer

In the wake of the unending wave of diseases plaguing humanity, i can’t help but notice one which has troubled… continue The silent killer

The cost of selflessness

One of life’s lessons is that the good you do always comes back to you. When you sincerely add joy… continue The cost of selflessness