Easy times.

You will not be appreciated,

You will not be recognized,

Your effort and commitment to make them better will be overlooked.

They don’t care about the things you say or teach,

That’s because they don’t percieve like you do.

They don’t think like you do, cos everything is insured for them.

They are the offsprings of easy times,

Laced with doses of laxity and laziness,

Slaves to an incomprehensible weakness born from so much comfort.

Minds shrouded by things so vague,

Brains clouded by thoughts so vain, epitomizing the apex of folly.

No sense of duty, so void of focus.

How can they appreciate the effort you make, with blurry visions.

How can they comprehend the things you say and do, with shallow minds.

Your thoughts so deep, your words so grey, echoing the uncertainties of a future rested on their frail shoulders.

They are your creation, cos you’ve made them this way.


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