A Sane World

To create a sane world we sometimes need to pretend to love the things we dislike.

We must resist some pleasures and some base desires even though we crave them.

Smile even when there’s no cause for laughter, join the assembly line even when we can disrupt it.


A sane world requires pretense,

Keeping the peace requires pretense,

Keeping you and him and her and everyone else happy requires pretense,

Cos our true selves are sometimes darker than night, so we must pretend so some figment of light remains.


We know deep down we don’t belong,

It’s clear as day that we are odd,

But we must fake it and blend in, so we don’t cause disruption.


There’s nothing wrong with pretense,

On the grand scale of sacrifice, its a steep price paid to keep the world from truly falling apart.




2 thoughts on “A Sane World

  1. Emma, your writing exudes a refreshing sense of pragmatism that is truly captivating. It’s a bold and insightful piece that kept me engaged throughout. Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us!

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