A world with everything, yet nothing.

Today, I walked the streets of a place occupied by renowned and privileged persons. People with enough to eat and drink, living in pretty houses, driving fancy cars. But in the midst of all these beauty and plenty, I observed a tiny dent.

I saw a man with two kids, walking the streets, pleading to passersby for as little as a penny. A scene so appalling, unfit for such a place.

I thought to myself, this is a conspicuous dent, this doesn’t fit in this picture, it has caused a fault to the beauty of this place. How can there be abundance, yet absence, in such a place.

The irony of life. Its a funny feeling, how one comes to a place, and find some living in plenty, with so much that they wind up wasting. Yet some others in the same place, live in absence, with little or nothing. Makes life a mystery, very difficult to comprehend. It sometimes feels as though there must be absence, for there to be abundance, feels so wrong.

This virus pandemic has made life difficult for many, and worse for others. Today, I was reminded to be grateful and thankful for whatever I’ve got, and that having is one thing, giving is another. Everyone can have, but not everyone can give. Giving comes from within.


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