Soft drinks, pleasure and poison.

I have always had this affinity for soft drinks, a day did not go by without my having at least a bottle of coca cola or any other similar soft drink. The feeling it gave while running down my throat, the taste and flavour, very seductive and satisfactory. The more of it i took, the more of it i wanted. Every sip, every drink, every feeling got me closer to cloud 5. I soon found myself surrounded by them, addicted to the feeling which I found very appealing. A feeling i soon realised was poisoning me within. I had grown so fond of them that i had forgotten to protect myself and practice moderation. Too much of something, especially when this sweet, is not always good.

We have grown accustomed to taking soft drinks. Some of us have developed an addiction to them. These are drinks like Coca cola, Fanta, Pepsi etc. They are quite refreshing but to some degree, very unhealthy. Soft drinks are mostly sugar, colouring and fragrance. Yes the body needs glucose which it can derive from these soft drinks, but there are preferable methods to get this glucose.

Most of the things we eat already contain sugar. The fruits, the food they all contain sugar in their own adequate proportions. Adding more sugar to our system through soft drinks will only breed health complications.

Some soft drinks contain an unhealthy amount of sugar, and this is what I mean;
A 250ml bottle of soft drink contain about 27g of sugar,
A 375ml bottle contains as much as 38g of sugar,
A 1.25 litre bottle contains about 140g of sugar,
A 12 oz Coca cola can contains 39g of sugar.
That is a whole lot of sugar consumed by one person from just one bottle of drink per day.

Too much intake of these drinks pose health risks and can lead to health complications like; tooth decay, diabetes and overweight. Individuals suffering from diseases such as diabetes and overweight tend to developed more health complications, especially heart related diseases.

It is recommended that we substitute these drinks for fruits. Fruits contain phytochemicals, which serve as antioxidants for the body. They are good for the health, build the body’s immune system and contain adequate dietary requirements.

Taking more of fruits and less of these drinks is a healthy choice.


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